Radhika Arora’s long experience in a wide range of Criminal, Civil, Family, Matrimonial, Cyber and Property matters has helped her in developing skills by building evidence, explaining in Court every aspect of Petition/Complaint with supporting evidences and witnesses leading to a complete breakthrough for achieving the ultimate goal required by her clients. Radhika Arora has observed during her long practice that many times cases are either not properly presented or fought in a court of law due to several reasons ranging from insufficient time to lack of proper and adequate professional resources. This often may prove very dearer in criminal cases where criminal liability is involved.

The applications, appeals, petitions, submissions, arguments, evidence, and cross-examinations are sometimes prepared hurriedly risking the quality of the entire case thereof. That this may prove very dangerous for the fate of the case. All this leads to a shortage of qualitative arguments in courts due to work pressure. The difficulties are also being experienced in finding and submitting important and relevant judicial rulings of higher courts due to lack of resources. On a lot of other occasions, the Written Statements by the accused are not rebutted properly leaving an open-ended argument allowing the case to take a U-turn at a later stage of the litigation

In the context of the aforesaid arrangement, Radhika Arora offers a very skilled, professional and expert service at various stages of Criminal/Civil proceedings to her clients by making sure that there is no open-ended argument left for rebuttal by her opponents. Further, she believes to build her case strongly from the very beginning by putting all the material facts on record which sometimes leads to a lengthy but foolproof Petition/Application in favor of her clients.

Also, with PM Shri Narendra Modi’s Government inviting a lot of foreign companies in India for the “Make in India” project, Radhika Arora’s Law firm helps foreign investors to conduct a complete due diligence of the credibility of the prospects in India and help them in making a choice, setting up the project in India and thereby generating business for mutual benefits of the Investors as well as Indian Counterpart.

Her team also works for Indian based families that are settled abroad for conducting thorough due diligence for investing their funds in India and also for settling any disputes of their ancestral properties in India.

Further, along with the growth in Indian economy, risks of fiscal fraud and aberrant credit-worthiness have also augmented. As a result, many foreign companies and individuals have been duped by or left with extensive monetary loss without getting promised product/service from Indian parties. Radhika Arora also provides due-diligence and verification service of genuineness and credit-worthiness of Indian companies/individuals to foreign investors or Importers at nominal fees.

Radhika Arora also gives expert advice and guidance to prospective litigants and persons who expect impending legal action against them in any criminal, civil, family or cyber matter, to build up the case or create documentation which may help in future legal proceedings.

 Radhika Arora also takes up partially litigated matters. Her primary focus is always on drafting and cross-examination.

Radhika Arora is on the Legal Advisory penal of several companies to provide legal advice on a continuous basis.

Radhika Arora’s fees are very reasonable and are directly related to the length of time and proportion of efforts involved. She takes care that her fees is affordable and do not hurt her troubled clients any further.

Radhika Arora is in the process of setting up Branches and Representative Offices in all major cities of India.