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At our Ristorante we bring you a little piece of Italy.
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True italian cuisine

Our daily challenge: highest quality ingredients according to traditional recipes freshly interpreted and served with a lot of passion for the guest! Enjoy fine Mediterranean cuisine and exquisite service. We are very pleased to welcome you as guests in our restaurant.

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Discover all our perfect dishes, crafted with love! 

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handpicked with love

Daily Our Chief visit the best in area Farmers Market, and choose there fresh and halfy vegets, herbs, meat and other ingridients to ou special dishes.

live cooked Seafood
What our guests say
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Reshma Konath

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you for all you are doing . Your generosity  has given me and my hubby new  hope. You influenced my mind in positive way and words can’t express my appreciation. You are having a beautiful heart. Always be like this. Thanks.

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Veeral Joshi
Marketing Manager

She is exceptional! From the first meeting till I got my work done I constantly knew I was dealing with a professional! Brilliant at what she does! Expect an honest and straight forward explanation of the process followed by an expert advice..Strongly recommended!

H B Arora

I have known Adv. Radhika Arora practicing law for the last five years. Her biggest asset is her drafting skills. The case is half won if the drafting is proper and systematic. The remaining half is won by strong and logical arguments in front of the judge. And Adv. Radhika is adept at both these aspects of the legal profession. That is why her success rate is almost one hundred percent. I wish her to continue the winning streak for many many years.

Pinakin Shah
Pattani Ventures

Adv. Radhika Arora had been looking after legal matters of our firm m/s” Pattani Ventures” for several years. We are satisfied with her drafting knowledge. Whichever matter we gave to Adv Radhika Arora, we were sure that it would be done with keeping in mind the minute details of the subject matter. We wish her greater success and hope to have long business association with her.

Kirit Maniar
Santacruz (E)

I wish to acknowledge all the help that you have provided me in my matter. Your professional guidance has been of great help and has made my case very strong. I wish you all the best in your career.

Anand Bade
Tab+ Web & Multimedia Services

A hassle-free and prompt service. We have been very satisfied with your legal services. You always respond promptly to my inquiries and doubts. Thanks for all your help. A very professional and cost effective service that we highly recommend.

Ritu Mehra

I appreciate your guidance and patience and helping me through the divorce process. You made things easier that I had anticipated. I was lucky to have you as my solicitor. Thank you for handling my claims with a straightforward tact. Your legal skills efforts to reach a fair settlement and Support given by you is appreciated. Thank you very much !

Rajesh Ghag

Professionalism, Trustworthiness, knowledge, Ability to bridge a gap in layman’s understanding to actual law & it’s proceedings, Precise drafting and documentation, Excellent communication and follow ups, Correct information on possibilities of remedies & options available and near to accuracy estimation of timeframe for justice. Isn’t this all what we need, and seek in an advocate?

I must say Advocate Radhika Arora has it all to ease client’s journey of legal proceedings towards justice. I have experienced it all while my case was in her hands, and that’s the reason I recommend her to any person needing advocate.

She is the best in advocates I have met so far.

Shikhar Sharma

Ms. Radhika is a genuine and supportive lawyer. Gives excellent support in explaining and sorting out a case.

Sarita Sharma

Best lawyer in Mumbai.
Very helpful.
No need to worry if she handles the case.

Suraj Bhalsing

The most reliable advocate in town. I approached for an deed and got it done in couple of hours. Excellent follow up. Highly recommended by me.

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