Checklist before appointing an Advocate

It is much more essential to have a good team of Advocates than having strong evidences or good witnesses for your case because it is a good lawyer that will annex important evidences at crucial juncture while designing your petition. Before appointing a lawyer or a law firm and entrusting them with your litigation your must be careful about the following:

Your personal connection with the lawyer:

In your first consultation with the lawyer itself you’ll be able to gauge if you connect with your lawyer on personal as well as ideology level or not. There should be an instant connect of energy channeling in the same direction between you as well as your lawyer. When you walk out of the chamber of your lawyer you must have a feeling of confidence and transparency about your legal positions.

There should be a positive sense of association because if it is missing there is a strong chance of disparity in future which is never uncomplicated.

Knowledge of the subject

It is extremely important that the lawyer you hire for your case has expert and in-depth knowledge about the subject matter of your case. You may prepare a few questions before visiting your lawyer – some directly associated to your case matter and some hypothetical; from the confidence in response of your lawyer you will know the level of his knowledge in the case matter.

Option generation and alternate remedy

If your lawyer is able to generate new options for you and suggests alternate remedies which you did not think were possible, you can be sure that you have arrived at a right place. Any lawyer who suggests you to resolve the case outside court or by using techniques of Alternate Dispute Resolution such as Mediation, Conciliation or Arbitration is surely the one you should consider appointing because such a lawyer is not the stereotype who wants to take date after another in the court but resolve the matter which is indeed in your favor among others such as your opponent and court itself.

Reviews and testimonials

It is very important for you to read reviews and feedbacks by ex- clients or existing clients of your lawyer/ law firm before appointing them because it tells you about their overall experience with their legal team while the case was going on.

Accessibility of your lawyer

Accessibility, availability and use of modern modes of communication are vital when it comes to fast paced life of a metropolitan. If your lawyer / law firm is available over sms, whatsapp, e-mail and video conferencing – it gets very easy for you to be in direct connect with your lawyer from all over the world and it is only then that these things make a difference.

Forte and number of years of experience

If your case does not fall in the regular league of property, family or general criminal / civil disputes you must look for firms that specialize in those specific categories and have forte in that field. For instance, externment order, fake currency printing, bride burning, bank loot etc. In such cases that are sensitive and high profile one cannot afford to appoint a law firm that might be in its teething phase.